Before I became a writer, I composed music. Here are some of my works (scores). Feel free to download them. And feel free to perform them, if you wish.

500 Seconden (Carillon)

Alter… alter… (Alto Flute, Clarinet, Vibraphone, Piano, Viola, Cello)

Crushing a Circle (Clarinet, Piano)

In That Sleep (Two Choirs)

Monochrome I (2 Pianos)

Monochrome II (Carillon)

Palimpsest (Harp, Clarinet, 4 Strings)

Recollection of an Angus Dei (4 solo voices or 4-part choir)

Trio for 2 Violas & Piano

Viola Solo

When only the moon rages — Solo (Flute or Alto Flute)

When only the moon rages — Trio (Flute, Viola, Harp)

Other scores can be purchased at Donemus.